Costa Rica Healthcare

Costa Rica’s Public Health Care System

With a network of more than 30 hospitals and over 250 clinics throughout the country, the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) provides low-cost health care services to the locals and the expats alike. Foreigners are required to join the CCSS as part of their residency application. This entitles them to free treatment (everything from check ups to prescription drugs to major surgeries) by paying a small monthly fee. Tourists and visitors can use Caja facilities only in emergencies and are required to pay for their services.

Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica

Cosmetic and reconstructive clinics are performing thousands of procedures yearly and continue to expand as a result of the constantly changing technological advances and innovations. This high level of patient care and attention to detail is what makes cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica worth considering. They adhere to the highest standards of surgical integrity and perform a wide array of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

Dental Procedures in Costa Rica

From simple fillings to implants to periodontal work, Costa Rican dentists are as qualified and skilled as dentists anywhere in the world although the prices are far less than in most countries. This is one of the fastest growing area of health care tourism. Thousands of foreign patients seeking dental work arrive in Costa Rica every year with many booking their appointments before they even get off the plane.