Finding any type of home is always easier when you use a professional realtor because they have access to thousands of homes in all different locations, saving you both time and money in the long run. This is especially important in Costa Rica where you will be unfamiliar with the country or area you are looking at. Whether this will be a retirement home or you are looking for a vacation or second home, realtors work hard to find you the house of your dreams.

One way to ensure that you can get away from the cold of a Canadian winter is to buy vacation real estate in a warm climate. One of the fastest growing real estate markets is found in Costa Rica. Be sure to check out Playa Del Coco, which is smack-dab in the center of a popular beach area and only a short distance from the airport.

Where do you start when you tell someone how great it is to live in Costa Rica? Do you tell them about the huge choice exciting activities such as surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, and golfing, to name just a few? Perhaps you focus on the amazing landscape, the national parks, or the scenery that ranges from gorgeous beaches to mountains and active volcanoes.

This 2 bed 2 bath completely upgraded condo comes fully furnished and is located in the heart of Las Palmas. 2 blocks to several international restaurants, grocery store, “pet doctor”, coffee shops, legal services, yoga studio, dental and medical offices, as well as our office, enhance the living experience! The uncrowded beach of Playas Del Coco is only 2 blocks away and downtown is only a very short 5 minute walk.

This 2nd floor property comes with vaulted ceilings, custom hardwood cabinets and furniture, a/c throughout, ceiling fans, custom tile and an ensuite washer/dryer. In addition you will enjoy custom window treatments, water purifiers, new fridge, roof vents with insulation and a hot air extractor, a backup water tank with pump, and a golf cart plug-in.

This makes the unit a fabulous vacation rental for immediate cash flow or a perfect getaway for you, your family and friends. Come experience what living in paradise is all about!

Cormoran B14   $110,000    70m2    2br/2ba     Motivated Seller     Possible Owner Financing      Bring Any Reasonable Offer

Costa Rica is a gem yet to be fully discovered. While millions of tourists are traveling to the country to enjoy the pleasant weather it’s not possible to fully enjoy this piece of paradise if you don’t invest in homes for sale in Costa Rica. For most visitors it is not enough just to come once. Instead of always having to rent an expensive hotel, a vacation property in Costa Rica is a much better alternative.

Costa Rica remains one of the most beautiful destinations in North America. If you have visited the country you must have been awed by the pristine beaches and untouched wilderness. If you have wondered whether you can own a piece of this gem it is time to learn more about a vacation property in Costa Rica. As a foreigner, you may have concerns about an investment property in Costa Rica therefore; the following frequently asked questions will help you gain more insight:

Costa Rica is an amazing small country in America, which makes people fall in love at the first sight. Here are the three main things that will make you want to visit Costa Rica once in a lifetime. Let us have a look below,

There are many reasons to buy investment property Costa Rica. For starters the land is just majestic; from the Poás and Arenal Volcano National Park, La Fortuna Waterfall, Celeste River to the magnificent beaches there is always something to enjoy. What’s more; the country is considered the Switzerland of Latin America due to its strong economy and peaceful democracy.

Costa Rica is a popular travel destination and a tropical paradise in Central America With its natural beauty, affordable cost of living and foreign-friendly attitude, many people love to own a retirement home in Costa Rica. Living in CR is reasonably priced and the people are among the happiest in the world.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why many people are flocking to this significant country…

The mention of Costa Rica to any avid traveler conjures images of lush vegetation, pristine beaches, a relaxed way of life and most of all a biologically diverse location. All these are right but now it gets even better; you can now own a piece of all this through the Playa del Coco Costa Rica real estate. Yes, it might sound like a gimmick but in fact Costa Rica happens to be one of the favorite locations for people looking for second homes. Vacation property Costa Rica and retirement home Costa Rica remain some of the most popular in the property market portfolio.

Are you contemplating your retirement? Have you thought about where you would eventually like to spend the most relaxed years of your life? Maybe you are still working and you are thinking of buying a second home in a fantastic destination? Well, you have an answer in Playas del Coco real estate in Costa Rica. Costa Rica features in the mind of every traveler due to its beauty and diversity and it is no wonder most people eventually buy into property here. Playa del Coco Costa Rica real estate now gives you a chance to invest in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and make it your home.

Retirement can be a scary prospect for most people. This is more so if you have not yet decided how and where to spend these twilight years. One thing is for sure; you don’t want to spend these years in the same humdrum neighborhood. This is where Playa del Coco Costa Rica Real Estate comes into play. With a retirement home Costa Rica investment, you have more than a second home; this is the ultimate retirement destination.

Costa Rica; some call it the top tourist destination in the world while others are more attracted by the laid back and luxurious neighborhoods you can buy into. Vacation property in Costa Rica is once again looking up with the world property journal  indicating transaction volumes for homes for sale in Costa Rica are higher than last year same quarter.

It is good news for everyone who has an interest in looking for homes for sale in Costa Rica; after the 2008 beating, the market is now looking up according to a report on The Globe and Mail. The Costa Rica News (TCRN) has also indicated more luxury properties are up for grabs as both locals and foreign buyers scramble for investment property Costa Rica. If you are looking for your ideal piece of paradise, then Playa del Coco Costa Rica real estate offers a perfect choice. The top real estate agents in Costa Rica vouch for this property market and for many good reasons.

Retirement is always a topic most people don’t like addressing and this is where most retirees go wrong. With the right kind of retirement plans, this can even become the most exciting period in your life. One thing you must consider is where you stay to enjoy your retirement life. Real estate agents in Costa Rica describe “Costa Rica” destination as the perfect getaway if you want to fully enjoy your retirement. In fact, the Globe and Mail predict more people are heading to this paradise.
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